Interior Design Trends for 2024


Home design trends for 2024 have more in store for you!

Looking forward to the new year, you have much to look forward to. New things are on the horizon, and in the world of interior design, you can expect both an embracing of fresh designs and a throwing back to older times. Check out these interior design trends for 2024 below!

Design Trends for 2024: Function

Multi-Functional Spaces

Smaller floor plans are becoming more popular in some areas, although floor plans still tend to be around 2,000 square feet. In the effort to get the most out of every space, multi-functional interior designs are making it possible to fit more purposes into one room. A single room could encompass a guest room, a home office, and a library all in one.

Subtle TVs

Family rooms are focusing less on the TV and more on conversation. The TV is no longer the room’s focal point. Interior designers are finding ways to integrate seating within a comfortable viewing distance of a television but keeping the TV hidden when not in use. Its presence in the family room is subtle.

Color Palettes

Dark and Light Color Palettes

Some people love to keep their homes light and airy, while others prefer dark, dramatic living quarters. Both color palettes will continue to trend in 2024, depending on what the client wants.

Warm Color Palettes

Coziness is “in.” The cold, industrial, minimalist look is out, and warm tones are here to stay. Browns, natural materials, and other warm tones appeal to today’s homebuyers.


Statement Chandeliers

2023 Bathroom Design Trends

Chandeliers can be your opportunity to showcase your personal style. It is a functional art piece that you should really love. With countless designs today, you have many, many options. Plus, chandeliers aren’t limited to dining rooms anymore; try the bathroom, hallway, or bedroom.

Changeable Light Temperatures

Some lights have adjustable light temperatures. For example, you can make it produce a warm or cool tone. Most people prefer a warm tone. 




Curved Furniture

Interior designers are experimenting and doing wonders with curved furniture. Couches and chaise lounges with oblong shapes contour the layout of otherwise boxy living spaces. Built-in furniture is also popular.

Textured Walls

Clients are wanting more textured walls, walls that use unusual materials or have textured surfaces. It might be wallpaper, fabric, wood, or even leather.

Interior Design Styles

Period Styles

There is not necessarily a new design style to emulate in 2024. People are taking inspiration from all kinds of eras, from the 1970s to the Victorian times. It depends on what you love.

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