Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

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Keep your kitchen spick and span all year round with this spring cleaning guide!

Spring is a time of renewal, a time when life returns to the earth. What better time for spring cleaning? When the weather gets warm but not hot, you can take advantage of the mild temperature to get busy for another year of whipping up great snacks and meals. Follow these handy tips to deep clean your kitchen.

Empty the Shelves and Cupboards

The first step is to remove all your kitchen inventory. You can do this step in stages as you clean or do it all at once. Store your dishware and pantry items in a different spot while you dust and wipe the shelves. Do not remove refrigerated items until you need to.

Declutter Your Belongings

While the inventory is on display, you can now take the time to declutter. Has anything expired? Do you have multiples of the same thing? Downsizing is a great way to stay organized and tidy.

Sanitize from Top to Bottom

Once you have decluttered, it’s time to clean the kitchen. You can start by using an all-purpose sanitizing spray and a paper towel to wipe down the shelves, racks, etc. Sanitize the countertops, and work your way from top to bottom to avoid dirt falling onto already-cleaned surfaces. Lastly, sweep and mop the floor for a kitchen floor you can walk on barefoot and still be clean.

Deep Clean Cooking Appliances

Cooking appliances are more likely to need real deep cleaning. These appliances include your microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, oven, and refrigerator. If you need to remove tough, burnt-on grime, try an oven cleaner or baking soda paste. Wash removable refrigerator shelves in the kitchen sink

Clean the Crevices

Don’t forget to get the sides and back of the oven and fridge, both places that can get very dirty and dusty. Dust the refrigerator’s condenser coils to help your fridge function at its best.

Consider Refreshing Your Kitchen

When you are all done and have put all your kitchen inventory back, make it smell and look nice with a fresh bouquet of flowers and an aromatic candle. 

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