Making the Most of Kitchen Cupboard Space

Making the Most of Kitchen Cupboard Space

Your kitchen can store more than you think! Start right with design.

The kitchen may be one of the busiest places in the house; it is where you prepare your daily or week-long meals, entertain guests, and make yourself a nice hot drink or snack. It often houses more items than anyone knows, like cooking utensils, dishware, dry ingredients, and cleaning supplies. How can you organize it all and make the most of kitchen cupboard space? These design ideas can help you maximize storage from the start.

Corner Cabinets

Some older kitchen designs were not well thought-through. The best designs today make use of every square inch of possible storage, a large portion of which can be found in the corners. Corner cabinets often have lazy susan shelves within them to make all appliances and supplies easily accessible.

Pull-out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are game-changers. You don’t have to clamber into a cupboard to extract a baking pan or pot lid any more! Pull-out shelves help you access and manage all your supplies and make the most of under-counter kitchen cupboard space. You can further organize your under-counter cabinets by using baskets or dividers on each pull-out shelf.

Fitting Fridge

Your refrigerator should be big enough to hold all your perishable provisions for the whole family and should also fit the space well. If necessary, a chest freezer could be in the kitchen design or in another area like the garage or basement. The right fridge model (French door, top freezer, bottom freezer, etc.) can help make your life easier, also.

Concealed Trash Can

A concealed trash can, hidden within a pull-out under-counter shelf, is the modern way to house your kitchen garbage. It takes up less kitchen floor space and lets you introduce a dual recycle and garbage trash can. Keeping it hidden will also make your kitchen look cleaner and tidier.

Dividers and Holders

Dividers and holders for kitchen items make everything even easier to find without causing a mess. Types of these organizers include:

  • Lazy Susans
  • Cooking pan dividers
  • Baskets
  • Dividers for sheets, racks, etc.
  • Spice racks
  • Canned goods holders

Which ones work best for your kitchen?

Working With Magazi Kitchens and Baths

Magazi Kitchens and Baths and A.G. Building and Remodeling will work with you to meet your budget and accomplish improvements that will make a statement and allow you to enjoy your space. Relying on 30 years of experience with kitchen and bath planning and remodeling, Magazi Kitchens & Baths works with you to understand your dream for the space. By combining the talents of a designer and installer that work together every step of the way, we ensure your project is built in the most efficient and economical way. Our work spans Montgomery, Howard, Baltimore, and Anne Arundel Counties, including the towns of Bethesda, Silver Spring, Rockville, Kensington, Olney, Gaithersburg, Columbia, Ellicott City, Annapolis, and more. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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