How to Create an All-White Bathroom

all white bathroom, double sinks, bathtub, open door

All-white bathrooms can be beautiful! Check out these ideas for inspiration.

All-white rooms are classic. While some people like very colorful rooms, others prefer the classic clean look of a bright and airy design. While this design is timeless, it can look clinical and cold if done wrong. It could even make you feel like you’re living in a black and white world! Here’s how to create an all-white bathroom that will look refreshing, not sterile.

All-White Bathroom Design Tips

White, Textured Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

An all-white bathroom design wouldn’t be complete without all-white walls, ceiling, and flooring. The trick to making it still look interesting is to use texture. You can add texture to walls with tiles, textured paint, wallpaper, beadboards, or a combination. Make sure that your whites’ undertones are consistently warm or cool.

Use of Interesting Shapes

Shapes also make a room look interesting. Examples in interior design include arched or gothic doorways, built-in storage nooks, and mirrors. Your lighting, although white, can also have interesting sconce shapes. Your tiles could also add interest with any shape other than square; you could also mix types of white tile shapes.

Bold, White Focal Points

Make your bathroom vanity, tub, and lighting a sight to behold. You have many choices for white bathroom vanities, including pedestals, vanity cabinets, vessel sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and more. As for bathtubs, you can go with a shower and tub combo, a freestanding tub, a spa tub, etc. For lighting, the creative options are practically endless; your choice will help define your bathroom’s style, such as modern or whimsical.

Glass and Mirrors

Besides white walls, floors, cabinets, and such, what else can you use to add interest that keeps with the theme? Glass and mirrors. Glass doors for the shower and mirrored cabinets will keep the theme of light and crispness in your private sanctuary.

One Main Accent Color

Your white bathroom doesn’t have to be completely devoid of any color. While white towels do add a sense of luxury, you can also add color through neutral-colored towels and decor. Adding green plants also brings the space to life.

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