Excellent Ways To Successfully Organize Your Bathroom

organize bathroom

Creating an organized bathroom is easier than you think!

There are various ways to organize your bathroom so that everything has a place that is easy to see and access.  Look around your bathroom and see what is out in clear view on the counter, in the shower or the back of the toilet because you do not have a place to store them. Ask yourself, are there any items that can be stored in another room? Being organized saves time rather than struggling to find what you want and helps make your day go smoother.

It’s All About Storage

With a cluttered vanity or sink base, the easiest solution is to replace a mirror with/ or install a recessed or surface mounted medicine cabinet to store these items.  Medicine cabinets come in various sizes and have adjustable shelves. The inside can easily be mirrored and may also have a pull-out magnified mirror.  In fact, the mirror of the cabinet can even be framed to match the vanity. Also, wall hung storage cabinets can be installed at various convenient locations.

A Roll-Out Appliance Tray

Consider installing a roll-out appliance tray in the vanity to store your hair dryer, curling iron and hair brushes or a bottom roll out tray for easy access to cleaning supplies, tall bottles or to store additional towels.

Dividing Your Drawers Can Do Wonders

If you have a large drawer, consider dividing it into smaller spaces with a drawer divider or a makeup tray. With various size drawers and accessories, you can personalize your drawer space. You may even choose to install an outlet in this area.

Shower Shelves Are Amazing

Shower shelves can be placed anywhere in the shower. Or you may want to install shelves outside of the shower to store your bathroom needs. When remodeling your bathroom take into consideration shelves that can be recessed in the tiles or corner shelves.  When designing your bathroom, you’ll really want to give yourself the space to be organized and have a place for all your things.

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