How to Select a Kitchen Sink


Homeowners have many things to consider when choosing a kitchen sink for their home.

The following are things you should consider when selecting a kitchen sink:

#1: Kitchen Sink Size

The size of the sink depends on your cabinet size, your lifestyle, and all the tasks you want to perform with the sink. A popular kitchen sink depth is 6 ½“, which is ADA compliant. An 8” depth allows for more and larger items like a large pot, flower vase, or a baby bathtub. The depth of the sink can increase to 9” and 10”, but this reduces the cabinet space below and requires you to bend more.

How to Select a Kitchen Sink

Many homeowners experiment with colors, materials, and styles for their kitchen sink.

#2: Shape of the Sink

Choose a configuration that best fits your needs. You may prioritize the amount of working space you desire, cleaning large baking pans and lots of dishes at one time, or sharing the space with another person. A single bowl offers uninterrupted space, and a single bowl with greater depth can easily hold larger and more items. A double bowl can separate tasks, and the two bowls can be of different sizes. A double bowl with an aqua divider allows you to fill the water level to use it as a single bowl. An offset drain near the back of the sink offers more workspace on the sink and more space below the cabinet.

#3: Kitchen Sink Styles

An undermount sink is integrated with the countertop. A drop-in sink has a lip over the countertop, and the counter supports the sink and can be replaced. An undermount sink can be installed in three different ways:

  1. the counter extends slightly over the sink,
  2. the counter sits back so that the rim is visible (used when rim enhances the look of the bowl), or
  3. the counter aligns perfectly with the sink and gives a clean, streamlined appearance.

A farmhouse sink or apron front has an exposed front as part of the design. It extends beyond the front edge of the counter for an extra-large bowl space.

#4: Material and Sound

A stainless steel sink is a classic with a modern look. It is durable, easy to clean, and some have scratch forgiveness. A thick gauge stainless steel such as 16 or 18 (standard) offers less noise. Many have deadening pads or coating underneath to muffle sounds. A quartz composite, such as Blanco’s Silgranit, provides strong durability, heat resistance, and dampened sound. It comes in various colors to compliment your countertop or add color.

Fireclay sinks add a traditional farmhouse look to your kitchen, are stain-resistant, and have a nonporous and highly durable finish. Copper sinks are durable, easy to clean, and have antimicrobial properties that help clean food prep. It develops a patina that restores itself from exposure to acidic foods, abrasive cleaners, and pots and pans. Cast iron sinks are covered with porcelain enamel and come in different colors. Though they are easy to clean and hold heat for a long time while washing dishes, they can chip if a heavy pot is dropped. Careful installation into sturdy cabinets and countertop is required as the sinks are heavy.

Whether you are doing a complete or partial kitchen remodel, we will assist you in choosing the right sink that suits your needs, working habits, and style of your kitchen.

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