Spring Lawn Care


Now is the perfect time to make sure your lawn is just as beautiful as your kitchen and bath.

You are probably wondering why would a kitchen and bathroom designer want to write about lawn care.  Well, you just finished remodeling your kitchen and bathroom and look out your window.  Ugh! Your lawn looks horrible.  Wouldn’t it be delightful to see a beautiful lawn? Therefore, here are some pointers for lawn care:

Rake and Remove Debris

All year long you should keep your lawn free tree branches or furniture as well as thick layers of leaves and debris.  These objects can suffocate the blades and block needed sunlight. You may not have many leaves in the spring but windstorms can knock down surrounding branches.


Make the outside of your home look just as luxurious as the inside.

For cool season grasses, spring can often be wet, rainy weather so there is no need to water the blades.  In the warm season grasses are just starting to “wake up” from winter and may not necessarily need lots of water. Look out for curled blades for that indicates the need for water. If you have an irrigation system, spring is a good time to have your specialist test your system.

Aerate and Overseed

Warm season grasses start growing period in the summer, so aerate in the late spring or early summer; for cool season grasses aerate in the fall months. After the lawn is aerated over seed and apply fertilizer on bare spots. A faster way to add new grass is to lay down sod in the spring.

Fertilize and Seed

Warm and cool season grasses can benefit from springtime fertilization. Some experts say fall is the best time for cool grasses.  Have your soil tested to find out what nutrients are needed.

Mow and Edge

Both types of grasses can benefit from regular mowing.  Be sure to follow the 1/3 rule: never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade height

Weed and Pest Control

Don’t let your healthy lawn be taken over by weeds and pests.  Regular maintenance and treatment when necessary will make a healthy green lawn.

From your kitchen and bathroom window enjoy the view of your beautiful lawn.


Working With Magazi Kitchen and Baths


Enjoy Memorial Day with these lawn care tips from Magazi!

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