Lighting Tips for Your Entire Home


Creating the perfect lighting design is easier than you think.

Lighting is a very essential part of the design in the kitchen, bathroom or any room. It evokes mood and emotion. Doing lighting right can be tricky, but with the right help you can make any room shine.

Fitting Fixtures

You can add sparkle to any space with luxurious materials and lavish finishes, or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can use rustic materials such as wood and heavy metals to create an earthy look. Other fixtures can give a vintage and nostalgic appearance, and unique geometric shapes can add dimension and drama.


When it comes to lighting in the kitchen, grouping pendants in gathering places such as an island or bar area makes a powerful statement and provides crucial focused lighting. LED under cabinet lighting provides task lighting to perform cooking tasks and can be lowered to create a warm glow in the kitchen. Well placed recessed ceiling lights gives bright general lighting.


Lighting in the bathroom needs to not only look elegant, but function well to enable you to enjoy your daily routine. Task lighting over the mirror or medicine cabinet along with scones or overhead recessed lighting creates even distribution and eliminates shadows. A ceiling mounted chandelier adds general lighting and a point of interest.

Everywhere Else

Don’t be afraid to mix and match finishes and textures throughout your home.  Consider how the color of the room can change from day to evening depending on the natural light and various type of lighting fixtures such as ambient, task or decorative when choosing a lighting solution. We are a family team with unlimited solutions to make your home more beautiful and valuable.

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