Color of the Year


What’s the color of the year? Find out with us at Magazi!

Pantone Color Institute chooses a single color to represent the mood and style of the time. This year the color is Ultra Violet, a blue base purple color, that lights the way to what is yet to come in exploring new technologies. It commemorates originality and visionary thinking. Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity and spurs your imagination and  creativity.

In meditation spaces purple toned lighting is used to inspire. David Bowie and Prince brought the shade of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop-culture to express their individuality.


Here is a beautiful kitchen with some great purple additions.

Shades of purple can work in your home through accessories such as rug, pillows, wallpaper, vases and more.  In the bathroom, a wall painted in Ultra Violet, a picture to compliment, bath towels and rug in shades of violet and faucets and accessories in matte  brass creates a bathroom with a bright futuristic look. There are manufacturers who will even make towel bars, hooks, and paper holders in shades of purple.

Imagine a kitchen design with off white cabinets, perhaps a purple sink cabinet or island, pale ultra violet wallpaper or paint with various shades of purple tiles as a backsplash and a brass kitchen faucet.

Last year the color of the year was greenery and the year before blue. Trends change each year so use neutral colors and accent with shades you love in your home.

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